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Jewish Mysticism Study Weekend

Rabbi Danny Horwitz presented a very polished presentation on Jewish
mysticism during  three sessions on  October  18 to October  20, 2013.

Here are pictures from the weekend:

Audience listening to presentation

Rabbi Gouze introducing presentation 

Rabbi Gouze and Rabbi Horwitz 

Rabbi Gouze and synagogue president Carol T.

Some explanation of the drawing below. The list goes from top to bottom;
with right and left pairs
(taken from Wikipedia).
Category: Sephirah:
Above-consciousness 1 Keter-"Crown"
Conscious intellect 2 Chokhmah-"Wisdom"

3 Binah-"Understanding"

Conscious emotions (Primary emotions:)

4 Chesed-"Kindness"
5 Gevurah-"Severity"
6 Tiferet-"Beauty"
(Secondary emotions:)
7 Netzach-"Eternity"
8 Hod-"Splendour"
9 Yesod-"Foundation"
(Vessel to bring action:)
10 Malkuth-"Kingship"

  Finishing up with a list of questions from the congregation
List of questions from the congregation 

Original drawing by Paul Shuster presented to Rabbi Gouze.
Looking at gift picture 

Thank you from Rabbi for picture 
Looking at gift picture 

Organizing committee with Rabbis Gouze and Horwitz
Weekend Committee 

Congregants talking.
Congregants talking 

Pleasant Memories

Sisterhood group at the end of a Lunch and Learn session
           Sisterhood Lunch and Learn 

Maury Weiner nominee at Northeast Region USCJ Tzedek award luncheon.
Congregants and relatives at tzedek luncheon
Congregants and relatives enjoyed lunch after the awards were presented

David Goodtree Speaks to about the Importance of Israeli Innovation and Entrepeneurship to the Massachusetts Economy
David Goodtree lectures

     On Thursday evening, April 7th, our Temple hosted David Goodtree, a member of  CJP
Israel Advocacy Executive Committee  and a member of the New England Board of
Directors of JNF. He spoke about the Massachusetts-Israel Economic Relationship and reported on a study and research commissioned by CJP and Stax, Inc. to quantify the
impact of Israeli innovation on the Massachusetts economy. Using a power-point
presentation, he provided statistics showing how more than 100 life sciences and
technology businesses in the Commonwealth are based on Israeli innovation.   He also reported on Governor Patrick's recent trade mission to Israel.  Mr. Goodtreee was a 
member of the team which accompanied the Governor.  Everyone who attended was impressed at how significant a role Israeli-based businesses and innovative technologies plays within the Massachusetts economy.   There was clear agreement, which was
supported by the studies conducted by CJP, that marketing this aspect of Israel is a
successful approach toward developing positive attitudes toward Israel, by both Jews
and non-Jews. 
     The event was co-sponsored by Temple Beth David, Westwood, and Temple Adath
Sharon, Sharon. Besides members of Temple Shaare Tefilah, the event was attended by members of the other temples, as well as members of the community.
     Following the presentation, the audience enthusiastically participated in a question
and answer session. Refreshments were served and it was an opportunity to continuing
the discussion.

The men of Temple Shaare Tefilah's Brotherhood
participated with Temple Aliyah's Men's Club on February 6th, 2011,
 for the 11th
Annual FJMC World Wide Wrap.

WWW Shaare Tefilah men

Pictured are (l-r) Ken Turkewitz, Stu Green, and Maury Weiner
at the conclusion of the wrap.

Successful Shriber Breakfast
Penina Adelman, a writer and social worker, spoke about women in the Bible,
and women as mythmakers and creators of ritual, using excerpts from her book,
" Praise Her Works: Conversations with Biblical Women."

Here is a picture of Penina being welcomed by our president, Carol Turkewitz.
Penina Adelman being welcomed by Carol Turkewitz

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